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Our Services

Our Services

Our team can answer questions and provide information, advice and assistance on a diverse range of matters that affects people.

A system of conveyancing is designed to ensure that the buyer secures title to property together with all the rights that run with property.
Various statues, enactments and jurisdictions are to be complied with and taken care about to ensure security and safety of both the parties at transaction.
We at Lakhani Advocates, with experience and expertise of over more than 5 decades in drafting and conveyancing work with perfection and precision being one of our field of specialization.

Litigation is a process of taking legal action.
usually, when as a matter of fact when parties to contract or transaction has disputes which is not settled by mutual understanding, as a matter of last option, matter is been taken on Litigation and we at Lakhani Advocates gives best favourable results considering principal of eternal justice and good faith

Legal consultant is somone who provides expert and professional legal advice on contractual basis to individuals and bussinesess houses. We at lakhani advocates provide expert consultancy in various fields varying from real estate law, corporate law, employemnt law etc.
We have also been providing negotiation services to various clients on special request. We are determined of being the best closers in our zone and delivering the aimed results in best time.

Tax planning is the analysis of ones financial situation from tax efficiency point of view so as to plan ones finances in most optimized way. Hereby we ensure our fellow clients gets max advantage if various tax exemptions, deductions and benefits to minimize their tax liability over a financial year.
Being complex nature of tax structure in our country it becomes essential for every assessee to plan accurate tax management which would help one in avoiding payment of interest, penalty, prosecution etc. It is also concerned with filling of return on timely basis, getting accounts audited, deducting tax at source etc.
Our team of experts believes in giving best financial outway ensuring minimum tax by way of tax planning and management.

Intellectual property rights are the rights granted to creators of intellectual property and includes trademark copyright patents industrial design rights and trade secrets in today's competitive world in order to have monopolistic rights and assuring rights of artistic work in field of Music and literature as well as discoveries inventions etc and to protect infringement reassured detailed and classified information and rights safety.

To smoothen the working in field of cooperates with applicability of company law provisions we help dealing with company Incorporation, company registration, ROC filing, availing of d i n, and other allied compliances our team of attorneys and company secretary handles all such specs with Acumen and resourcefulness

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